heterophobia & misandryland

1. the jesus you taught me about would be ashamed of you.
2. you failed his second greatest commandment, and I pretended you didn’t. it almost ruined me.
3. you failed his second greatest commandment, and you pretended you didn’t. go ahead, tell the man on death row for the terrible crime of loving outside of the rules his society sets that you love him. tell the teenager with their head in the noose the words of their friends tied for them that you love them. see what difference it makes.
4. we have heard you preach that love is action. I have learned. you must not have listened to yourself.
5. I don’t understand. I do not understand you, not at all. an eight-times-higher teen suicide rate screams out at you for help, a one-in-six likelihood for murder screams out at you for justice, and you turn up your worship music and drown them out.
6. you still don’t know that I was the kid with the noose, with the razors, with the pills. if you could do anything to stop that, anything, anything, wouldn’t you? apparently not. I know someone who would, though. his face is above your pulpit.
7. he is not the traditionalist you think he is. he would tear down every tradition you ever knew to tell that kid they were worth more than your doctrine made them believe. he would storm the temple and flip the tables and drape pride flags over the altar.
8. it must be so cold, to love an institution more than you love real, flesh-and-blood people. real people who are dying, real people who are being made to hate themselves, real people who are being denied everything for who they are- but it’s okay, it’s okay, as long as your traditions remain sacred and untouched. you’ll pray for them. that makes everything better.
9. you have five children. I hope with all my heart that they will not be as scared as I was to tell you the truth, if they should have to.
10. do you feel afraid? do you feel threatened? good. we will tear down your church and build love in its place.
A Poem To My Minister | E.T. (via fireandragonstone)




That amended statement is more powerful than the original because it doesn’t stereotype or exclude any group of people.

you people literally cannot stand anything not being about you, can you 

this is hilariously ironic I’m dying


"u dont need makeup to be pretty just be urself!!!"

ok but consider this

  • i fucking love eyeliner


Less queer struggles more queer snuggles 


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White people: Remember 911
White people: Remember the Holocaust
White people: Remember The Alamo
White people: Remember the American Revolution
White people: Remember Pearl Harbor
White people: Slavery? Come on are you still stuck on that? It's time to move on that was yearsssssss ago no one cares anymore