Bisexuals are just confused.

Confused as to why people judge, label and fetishise them without even educating themselves as to what bisexuality is.


do you ever just see a cishet who is so cis and hetero that u can smell the macklemore on them


After becoming irritated by the constant posting of incorrect definitions in the bisexuality tags I have broken down and made this blog just to correct people who are wrong in the bisexuality tags.

Here’s your regular reminder of the meaning of bisexuality:

Bisexuality = attraction to two or more genders

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I don’t understand all the hate on new genders, pronouns or sexualities appearing on tumblr, if someone wants to refer to themselves as xirself, merself or *noun*self it’s not affecting anyone, he/she pronouns were made up by someone too. If someone makes up a gender, like…


Petition to start a show where /everyone/ is either trans, gay, asexual, bisexual, pansexual, non binary etc…like /everYONE/ just because I can 100% guarantee that a bunch of ignorant cis straight people will be crying bc “we’re not being accurately represented!” Like oh man really??? How does that feel??? Does that suck for you???? Hm.


i am clearly a seasoned queer i took down all eight gym bunnies i have all my badges i’ve beaten the elite lesbians and the bisexual champion freddie mercury honestly i reign as the gay supreme


If you tell every person you meet that you’re bisexual..you’re probably not bisexual. 



See the thing with tumblr and being offended by everyone and everything is that we eventually start to turn on ourselves. Like pointing out problematic things is very important but it started to go downhill when we started hating on “cis gay men.” what’s next? bisexual people are transphobic? 

nobody is ‘hating on’ anyone we’re pointing out issues perpetuated by certain groups and cis gay men are sometimes problematic that doesn’t mean we’re ‘turning on them’
also I’ve heard a lot of people say bi people are transphobic which is bs of course cause bi people aren’t only attracted to male & female but 2+ of any genders but yeah people do say it
but I mean. every cis person is inherently transphobic/cisnormative and we have to combat it and recognise it. being part of one minority group doesn’t automatically make you less problematic in every other respect, it doesn’t mean you can’t be called out
as a cis white middle-class abled person I’m guilty of plenty of problematic shit and I appreciate being called out on it, being bi and female has nothing to do with it, just like when a cis gay guy is sexist or whatever it’s not excusable just bc he’s gay
it’s the same as any other group like I’m sat right next to my cis gay friend rn and he’s dismissive of ‘cis white male gays’ as a group sometimes too even though he IS one bc he recognises the problems???? it doesn’t mean we hate the whole group ffs


i feel like if you have a bunch of personal info in your tumblr about section, for example: 24 yo non-binary bisexual zhe/zher pronouns, it just screams “i am a massive attention whore special snowflake wow”

lol ur literally the scum of the earth bye